This concert footage of Janis Joplin and The Kozmic Blues Band.

Stax-influenced backup group, was shot in Frankfurt, Germany on April 12, 1969, capturing the hard-living vocalist at the top of her game as a performer. This European tour was on support of Joplins I Got Dem Ol Kozmic Blues Again Mama! album.

Before it gets to the music, theres a bit of looking back reminiscing from some old German guys you wont care about and some interview footage that is translated into German, obscuring what shes saying for the most part (I was amused by the male German voice-over guy like laughing whenever Janis laughed, to indicate wryness).

The concert footage starts at about 22 minutes in and its truly dazzling.

1. Raise Your Hand
2. Try(Just a Little Bit Harder)
3. Me
4. Maybe
5. Summertime
6. Ball And Chain
7. Piece Of My Heart