Neko Case performs "Local Girl" in Studio Q

Neko Case is back in Studio Q to perform her song "Local Girl" from her latest and lengthily titled record "The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the more I Love You".

Heart: Stairway to Heaven, Live

Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart perform Stairway To Heaven at the Kennedy Center Honors for surviving members of Led Zeppelin.

Recorded at the Kennedy Center Opera House in Washington, DC on December 2, 2012. Featuring Jason Bonham on drums and wearing a Clockwork Orange bowler hat, just like his father.

Divine: Shoot Your Shot

Artist: Divine
Title: Shoot Your Shot
Broadcast date: 11-12-1982
TV program: TopPop
Video rights: AVRO

Don't Stop, Director's Cut

The Walk and Don't Walk people off traffic lights come alive and fight to the death.

The ad was shot in Saudi Arabia, all the post was done in Amsterdam.

Soundtrack is the Limp Bizkit song, "Red Light Green Light", featuring Snoop Dogg .

Viral for candy

Korean Drummer Steals the Show: Original

Who's the real focal point supposed to be here?

My Dad's friend who works at a TV studio found this after this group of Koreans rented out the studio for their music video.

The song is called "You're Too Much [or Unkind]" first sung by Kim Suhee in 1976 and written by Yang Cheon-gang.

The Cure: Lollapalooza Chicago, Live 2013

Live at Lollapalooza, Chicago, IL, USA. August, 04, 2013. Watch in FULL HD

Plainsong - 0:00:08
Pictures of You - 0:04:50
Lullaby - 0:12:00
High - 0:16:37
The End of the World - 0:20:25
Lovesong - 0:23:53
In Between Days - 0:27:40
Just Like Heaven - 0:30:40
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea - 0:34:35
The Walk - 0:42:20
Mint Car - 0:45:50
Friday I'm in Love - 0:49:37
Doing the Unstuck - 0:53:15
Trust - 0:57:40
Want - 1:02:40
Fascination Street - 1:07:50
The Hungry Ghost - 1:12:45
Wrong Number - 1:17:35
One Hundred Years - 1:24:00
Disintegration - 1:30:40

The Lovecats - 1:41:10
The Caterpillar - 1:44:40
Close to Me - 1:48:35
Let's Go to Bed - 1:52:10
Why Can't I Be You? - 1:55:40
Boys Don't Cry - 1:59:00

Jimi Hendrix: Rainbow Bridge, Live in Maui 1970 Full Concert

Rainbow Bridge is a 1972 film directed by Chuck Wein that features footage from a Jimi Hendrix concert, and a short piece of conversation between Pat Hartley, Wein and Hendrix.

The "Rainbow Bridge" concert was a free concert by Jimi Hendrix that was held on July 30, 1970, in a horse pasture above Seabury Hall, on the "Upcountry" slopes of Haleakala, the volcano that makes up 75% of the island of Maui, Hawaii.